Friday, July 28, 2006

Business is pragmatic

Went for a mini exhibition yesterday. Met some pharma suppliers from central asia. After the boring introduction I went to see their booths. Greeted me with warm smiles and after finding out that I am just a small timer immediately turn to another person and continue the conversation as if I never existed. I become invisible when business potential with me is low! Perhaps I need to polish my bullshit to appear like a potential. Stormed off the exhibit. I should have taken a few bite off those prettylicious hors d'oeuvre! Exited the hotel only to find out that the parking is super X. An unfilling trip for me bringing back lots of negatives. I guess I learnt a lesson or two about customer service. Make sure they leave my shop with pleasant experience whether they buy things from me or not!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

On the wrong ball

Our PM thinks that PAP should be hip and happening to connect with the younger generation. He sounded really out of touch with the people. In fact the government should be serious and not a court of jesters or entertainers. We don't need idols to run our country. After educating the masses, they expect people to be swayed just by trying to be a pop icon is silly. To connect and build rapport with the younger generation, they should COMMUNICATE intelligently with them. Don't try to sway them by looking cool and treating them as fools!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a meal that makes me CRY!

Went to eat at Min Jiang at One-North, Rochester Park. I think I was crying inside my heart when I look at the bill. I am not paying for it but it was for my birthday celebration and I suggested that place. Damn the wine and dine asiaone review for giving them a rating of 8.3/10 : ) It kind of made me feel pretty useless, making my parents spend this kind of money in such a posh place that serves mediocre food. I wished everyone enjoyed the dinner but somehow the perceived value of the food just does not match up to the price tag in my opinion. Every mouthful I take just taste a bit more bitter. I was hoping for something special, but was disappointed. Of course my parents and others gave some comments like 'this dish is unique' or 'that taste interesting' . In my heart I know they only say those things out of courtesy. Maybe I should have just celebrated with a simple meal at home. If you want to look good and be cool that is one place you can go, but eating there rips my heart out.

Besides, the place looked understaff. There was a lady at the other table waving her hand every now and then trying to catch the attention of the waiter/ress. I could see from her face that her patience is wearing thin. Damn again, we are like paying a bomb for the food at least we would expect the service to be of a certain quality.

I really don't know how to make it up to my parents for bringing them to such a place. In my father's heart he would probably be thinking this place ho kuah bo ho jiak. A serious error in judgment on my part. I should have carefully considered blinkymummy's reviews.

Monday, July 03, 2006

B Vs B

The quality of the ministers and press secretaries' replies recently were appalling. I wonder if they've become weak and flabby due to the lack of opposition. The most recent being K Bhavani criticism on Mr Brown's article. It is interesting that she is the president of IPRS. I would expect a more tactful reply rather than a careless write up produced in a fit of anger. Perhaps our top-down-management-style- government are not used to being told that they are wrong.

The title "Distorting the truth, Mr Brown?" shows that they are out of touch with the citizens. How is it distorting truth when citizens are unhappy with the rising cost? Or are they trying to manage citizens' perception to champion the cause of the government. To present to the world and Singaporean with the 4 million smiles. Who are they trying to kid? A person suffering from a load of debts is not going to rejoice by just reading that the annual household income has increased. They will say "bullshit! I am breaking under the finacial strain here and the road ahead looks bleak." Will the government please do something!

Secondly I am not sure why she says Mr Brown is a partisan player in politics. He has no political affiliation. However I am not so sure of K Bhavani's agenda.

I also observed they try to demonise pseudonym. What is Mr Brown hiding from? Defamations suite? Don't tell me people don't know who Mr Brown is. On the contrary K Bhavani's gender is a mystery till someone post some info on her. It is funny we seem to know more about hiding Mr Brown then the open K Bhavani.

About constructive criticism I can only say that if the government is more transparent on how they use the funds I am sure you'll get lots of suggestion on how to lower the living cost. Besides, a criticism can be construstive or destructive depending on how you want to react to it.

It is interesting that she mentioned that it is not for journalist to campaign for or against the government but everyone knows that the papers are owned by the government and used to promote government's agenda. So who is the one distorting the truth????

I would say it is a very poor attemp to manage our perception. They let their emotions/pride do their thinking for them. It shows that after years of unopposed single party rule, they are not so sharp with words anymore.


Wasn't too happy with the show. I went there to watch a super human with flawless character. I was presented with a irresponsible lover running away without a word and come back 5 years later to claim his lover. Shatters whatever good morals I perceived of Superman and it managed to inject in my opinion too much human fraity in him. I don't want to wake up from the fairy tale to be presented with a superhuman that stand for 'goodness' doing questionable things. Watch how he simmers jealously over Loius Lane's husband breaking the photo frame. That is not what I paid to watch. Don't people want to have a good time and live in a fantasy and feel good about their heroes? While it is entertaining, I am not happy with Superman at all.