Thursday, August 10, 2006

Syringes for sale

I sometimes wonder what is the best solution for the drug problem. I see people staggering into shops in their stupor to purchase the needle and syringes. You can spot these people easily. While some places send those addicts off, other countries give out free syringes to prevent infection. Not selling needles is not the solution. They just go hunting until they find someone willing to sell. Worst case use used needles. I personally think that throwing people in jail is also not the solution. Helping the drug addict cope with their problem and kick the addiction is the solution in my opinion.

However can we trust that the government would spend money for these programmes. We live in the world of instant coffee and our government is famous for measuring resutls and meritocracy. We of course would know that the drug problem isn't one with quick fix solution and it requires a long time to work with a drug addict. I hope someone up there can come out with a solution.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


In this day and age instead of trying to be global we try to isloate ourselves. I don't even know if it is practical. Just log on to the web site you can read the 'political' article. Seems like FEAR of losing control is gripping them while they try to manhandle FEER. Maybe they might also want to consider blocking the website.

Actually I have more to fear if the government cannot stand up and defend themselves against false accusations.