Sunday, May 01, 2011


Don't we often hear that yes we might vote for the opposition but ultimately the PAP will still win. Now that is a disempowering thought. No don't look at what you cannot control and beat yourselves up. Look at what you can do and do your best for the nation according to what you believe in. Look at the people around you, talk to them and convince them of your stand. If you are rooting for the opposition, you only need to convince 1 person from the other side to stand with you you would have helped the cause. Using the 66.6% out of 3 voters 1 chooses the opposition. For every opposition voter who can convince their peers/relative to change sides, the opposition would have a high chance of winning. Even if they do not win every increase in percentage sends a message to PAP that their days are numbered if they do not change. The voters should stick the spurs into the hide of PAP to get them to work cheaper better and faster or else they would soon not get a chance to serve us.


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