Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A skeptic's view on Mas Selalmat COI(we can't be complacent)

There are so many inconsistency in the COI report compared to the pictures published.

Firstly the greenish grey pants was hung over the CONCRETE ledge above the urinal cubicle door.

There is no concrete ledge in the picture shown in the straits times. It is a plastic folding door. Are they talking about the same place?

There is also no water tap in sight so why did the COI report that Mas turned on the tap INSIDE the cubicle.

It is actually not a norm to have door for urinals much less for a security facility where you want to monitor the movement of rehabilitating prisoners.

If you look at the escape window it is located just below the celling. The door does not cover right to the top where there is no view of what's going on inside the cubicle. In fact if you look at the rear of Family Visitation Block where toilet was situated you can see right into the toilet. It means if Mas trys to escape from the window he can actually be seen from where the guard is standing. The view of the ventilation window is only partially blocked by the door. So how did he escaped without the guard noticing him.

The ledge below the ventilation window is also not normal. Nowadays the cistern for the urinals are usually hidden behind the walls or they are on the same side of the urinals. I makes no sense to have a ledge in the toilet because that is not space efficient.

As you can see from the picture above there is a white pipe going from the middle of the toilet to the left side where the urinals are. It is interesting that the point of the pipe's entry is not blue but cement. It probably means that a hole was created and patched up after the building was completed. A new addition the was not originally part of the toilet. There is also the middle portion with a blue pipe that is slightly darker with a new cement block.

We definitely cannot be complacent this time and allow the COI to report things that are not accurate.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Streetdirectory down???? Yellow pages to the rescue

Check out yellow pages. They have all the maps of streetdirectory.com complete with VM 2008 'copyright'!!!! : )