Saturday, September 23, 2006


Man! Pile of work still not done but has not done a thing. Time flies by. A ton of gloom added onto my already heavy heart. I need divine intervention! I seemed to have perfected the art of avoidance. I pray that the world will not come crashing down the day the pile of stuff I need to do becomes too big.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Singapore dreaming Worldpress photo juxtapose

Watching Singapore dreaming and going to view the gruesome worldpress photos after that just makes me think that the concerns of Singaporean are so minor. Somehow I am still trapped in that rat race to acheive finacial gains when there are so many out there facing conditions 100 X worse. I don't know whether to count my blessings or vent my woes. I can identify the challenges highlighted in Singapore dreaming but it pales in comparisons when I see those brillantly-captured tragic depiction of human disaters. The decapitated head is still stucked in my mind. Yet the problems in this sheltered environment somehow seemed more real to me. I can understand the grief of those disater struck nations, but only from a distance. Perhaps Maslows can come to my defence, to explain my inability to empathise with the suffering. I suspect many Singaporeans feel that the finacial yoke is heavier and more real than starving or war. We wouldn't give up a Singaporean's dream for world peace : ) I guess only few would choose the road less travelled.

Little miracles of life to add an atom to my faith

Zipper got stuck! Yank and pull till my face turn blue. Huff and puff but still woudn't do. Utter a pray and with a gentle tug. Zipper slides open and no more blues.

But more than that this incident has taught me to pray. Just a little prayer and a lot of obstacles are removed. If we would only tap into the divine providence, we would need to huff and puff so much. Thank you Lord for the little revelation.


Bought a bottle of 1997 Alsace Gewurztraminer from a wholesaler clearing stocks. I spotted some fugal like growth outside the bottle. Checked with the employee attending at the cashier if the bottle is ok and whether storage was optimal. Got the usual employee response. So far no customer complain, we got no more stocks if you are not sure about the wine don't take it. What can I expect from an employee : ) Took it for $40 just to try it out. Well didn't taste as good as I expected. Nice aroma, sweet but seems to lack the acidity or balance. Kind of like drinking sugared water or rather syrup with a plain water aftertaste. Disappointing considering Alsace's reputation. Blame it on the storage! Anyway got another bottle from a different vineyard in Alsace. Hopefully that one is better.

Also got another bottle of 1997 Chenin Blanc from Vouvray for $40. Probably drink it this weekend if the mood is right.