Sunday, May 01, 2011

Where can you find Pro PAP blog Post

I can hardly find any? Can you find some please direct me to those site! One of the reasons I think we can't find any is because they pay themselves millions without producing the results. They say look at the GDP figure they speak for themselves. The normal peasants use a different measure. Their lives are not better so how to justify the minister's pay. When they pay themselve millions without the stamp of approval from the citizens, people will find fault every corner they turn, because they got to get their money's worth. They get flak for every little mistakes. For eg the floods might really not be preventable but they get flak because they told the people they are the best and nothing will go wrong if we vote for them. The PAP leadership has lost it ability to lead the people because people respect and believe them. The PAP is now trying to rule with an iron fist, with fear and threats. This kind of leadership will be replaced sooner or later. They better think clearly and if they do lose a few GRC. It is not a freak result. It is only freak to them because they are sitting in the towers discussing how great and good they are and grumbling how the peasant have been ungrateful for what they have done. If they do lose it is a sign to them that they are disconnected. Don't try coming out with clever arguments to deny the disconnectedness. What the individual Minister thinks does not have any impact because ultimately it is the policies and the result of the polices that people judge the Ministers by.


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