Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Car Servicing

Have you ever brought a car for serving and come back with a host of problems? I haven't till my father bought a german made car.

eg 1

Driving happily for 1-2 years. Sent for servicing. Drove the car back home after servicing. 1 Hour later. Getting ready to go out for dinner. Engine stall. Call the tow truck to pick up the car again. Alternator spoilt. PAY for a new one and got it replaced. Do you come back from servicing with a damaged alternator?.

eg 2

2 weeks after servicing, the engine boom like a mustang. One would be happy to have a turbo charged booming engine except mine is misfiring. Guess got to go back to the service center for a cup of cappuccino from their spinelli coffee maker and get the problem fixed.

eg 3

2 months after servicing, front brakes gives off screeching sound. They just change the 2 front brakes 2 months ago. Send to the service centre. After diagnosis, they ask me to replace the rear brakes. I have a problem in the front brake and they are asking me to change the rear brakes?????? Upon further questioning, I discovered that a splint in the front brake went off position and they've already adjusted the splint back in position. I got a few question swirling in my mind. How the hell did the splint go off after 2 months? I can only conclude they did a bad job installing the brake. Why did they ask me to change the rear brake when the front brake is giving the problem. It seems like not only did they do a bad job in installing my brake they try to rip me off.

A conspiracy theorist would think that the service centre deliberately do a bad job so that they can 'service' me more often. I certainly didn't ask for special treatment but I am getting more 'service' then I need.


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