Monday, June 19, 2006


I think the issue is not about upgrading. It is about the disbursement of funds. Depriving the opposition of funds for maintenance work so that they look like slums aren't the type of diversity that Singaporeans are looking for. I think PAP misunderstood that everyone wants a PAP-styled upgrading. No they don't need PAP-style upgrade plus all the expenses and inconvenience. They just need some funds to spruce up the surroundings and make sure that this developed nation doesn't have slum areas. They don't need designers' facade and modern shelters that block no rain. What they need is a compassionate government who understands the needs of an arthritic elder conquering the stairs. If I didn't remember my facts wrongly Potong Pasir only need 1/8 of the funds promised by PAP to upgrade all the lift. If they can spend 8 times the money on just one constituent I don't see why they have no money to upgrade the lifts in Potong Pasir. I really like to see a more compassionate government and not one that just talk about dollars and cents.

Well it is still elusive after Minister Mah's explain on how the money is distributed. What is so difficult about coming out with the criteria? Whatever budget surplus set aside for upgrading/maintenance work, distribute it evenly according to population density. If that is too simplistic, factor in the age of flats. Instead they choose not to be transparent about the distributing process. Whatever justifications PAP gives sounded really lame. I wonder who buys those reasoning.


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