Monday, April 03, 2006

P.S. Cafe

Nice ambience. Woody, warm and fuzzy with the warm glow of spherical globe hanging from the celling. Nice couch with brown, orange, green and red(can't really remember filled in the colours with my imaginations). Wooden stools and black leather boxes. Very American was what my gf said.

Can't say much about the food there though. Wine selection is not great either.

We had 'crisp and dip'. Basically toasted pita, baguette with Indian tasting dip.

We had a nice time together relaxing there though.

One word of caution, in case anyone didn't read the words painted on the three wooden doors of the toilet. A 'M' door is sandwiched between the 2 'W' doors. No price for guessing what they mean. A pretty filipino babe decided to ignore the letters and burst through the door in the middle of my transaction with the urinal. Apologised profusely for the unintentional intrusion with her back facing me(the accidental flasher). Her bladder must be bursting for her to barged into any available cubicle. In case anyone is wondering why I didn't lock the door. It is because there are only urinals for communal use inside.

Speaking of toilet, my vote for the best toilet is Altivo@Faber.


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