Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Christian Agenda!?

I cannot get it why they like to blame Christians for believing different things. First of all Christianity believe homosexuality is a sin. It doesn't mean that Christians hate gays. No one says anything about hating sinners. We are all sinners. However, Christianity doesn't teach us to accept sin(as in, say it is ok to sin).

Secondly I don't think what the homosexuals want to do, is within our control. If they want it, just give it to them. In fact I have no idea why the government still wants to keep that archaic law. Just know that the Christian stand is clear. Homosexuality is a sin. I always believe God gave choices. We live with the consequences. The duty of the church is to tell the gospel not to enforce anything. Only the church is subjected and accountable to their leaders.

Thirdly, Christianity is not about the law but inner transformation. The law can restrain, but only inner transformation can deliver.


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