Monday, February 19, 2007

Rebl times: Star war updates :The empire strikes back

We recently received news that the Emperor pass an edict to infiltrate the blogsphere to launch a propaganda war to add a light touch to the rebels mind. Sources reported that our own rebel spy did not have access to such high level information. A compassionate souls from the Empire was purported to be the source of these classified information.

The 'counter insurgence' effort to sqash rebel ideology was led Darth Gehgenn and Commander Yabe. Modus Operandi:to send obedient stormtroppers to subtlely manipulate views. As such all rebel forces are to remaind on high alert. Anyone not engaging along rebel lines are deemed to be extremely dangerous. We need to caution our forces against this infidels. Everyone who disagrees with us is against us. We must fight for our cause. Crush the empire forces!!!!!!!! Remove every trace of propaganda. Flak anyone who praises the empire for their efforts to take care of the people in the system.

We have recently received distrubing news that Jedi knight Roana shows signs of crossing over to the dark side. Seduce by the power offered by the empire, he actually dare praise the efforts of the empire for taking from the poor and BUYING people's heart with their own money!

Treat every rebel with suspicion and stamp out every evil ideology.

Come to think of it, the Empire has actually helped us refined our causes and demarcate ourselves from the empire. All they do is bad! Now we just got to rid all the pretentious Jedi like Roana! they are just Sith in disguise.

May the farce be with you!


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