Monday, February 19, 2007

Broken trust?

How do we mend broken trust? By actions. Mere words are empty. Don't we all find it funny that after a fair and inclusive budget it did not received much praise from the blogsphere. Of the blogs I read only Aaron show signs of praise. The rest of the blogsphere are either silent or negative. Of course we find the ST getting feedback that the offset package was good(where they get the feedback I have no idea) I don't know about you but who praises themselve for a job well done and expect others to agree.

Anyway my guess is PAP has been breeding skepticism by giving goodies and taking it back with the other hand. Everyone is just waiting for the next time a price increase is announced. When PAP give goodies it means somethings are coming up the next few months. They give you a bit and take back with interest. Plus with all the privitasation going around who really benefit from the privitasation. Might as well let it be run by the government and keep the cost low, so they don't have to be accountable to shareholders and keeping increasing profits.

I find it hard to believe that they are sincere when they transfer the money out and yet want to retain part of the money in the CPF. It is like shifting money from one bank to another. How to offset GST with the money in CPF?????? How to defray rising cost using CPF????

Enough of rant. There is a lot to do to repair this distrust.


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