Saturday, April 14, 2007


Donating the excess don't seem noble to me. It seems more like a wayang show to gain political points. I am sure many singaporeans would view this act with the same skeptic specs. If he is truly noble, then he should really freeze his pay instead of donating his pay increase. Really look into the problems or the poor and use the amount saved from the pay to fund the poor. All the GDP growth are from policies that squeeze the poor and put the low income labour out of job. All the stellar reports of growth materialised at the expense of the low skilled singapoeran workers. I wonder is it too much to give a portion of what was taken away back to them? Should the poor be sacrificing so that ministers can benefit more with higer GDP growth?

It makes no sense to pay the ministers more. Did we employ ministers with integrity? If yes, then would they be tempted if they are paid the same? Again, did we employ talented ministers? If yes, then why do we need to pay more. Do you mean that their talents is proportional to the pay received? If the ministers leave because of money then is it worth it to retain the minister? Furthermore, I am not sure if the minister can leave before his term end. If he cannot leave them why increase the salary? If he leaves I think we should just let him go because talent is not more important than dedication and loyalty.

Acting as the guardians of the 210 billion reserves, their eyes should not be on how much money they can make with 210 billion for themselves, but how they can use the money to benefit the country. If we just want to earn money we might as well do away with the ministers and get fund managers in to do the job. I am sure they can do a much better job than our talented ministers.

I guess money is singapore's god.


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