Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Use it or lose it!

Lots of piling works and maintenace work around the neighbourhood. Hooray, everyone should be happy that their place is getting a new facelift. The only problem is they seemed to be replacing perfectly ok brick seats with newer bricks. Is it a case of too much money, no where to spend? Better use allocated funds or else budget will be reduce the next finacial year. If the people have a say in the maintenace I would rather they donate it to the much needed opposition ward.

What is the use of the modern facade when the poor is wasting away in it. These pristine neighbourhood hides the poor in Singapore. Maybe we should really save the millions of upgrading and do something for the poor. If they cut upgrade spendings (I am for the lift upgrade the rest of the budget can cut), I think they could really save alot.

Instead of increasing tax why not do some cost cutting? I don't get the ministers pay. They are already drawing big salaries from the appointments in GLCs. The puzzling justification is that high pay will keep ministers from corruption. If our ministers are people with intergrity then it would be an insult to them to think that only high pay will keep them clean. Aren't the ministers there to serve the people, asking not what the power given to them can do for themselves but what they can do for the country?

Ok enough of rant. Time to sleepzzzzzzzzz


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