Tuesday, November 21, 2006

blonde bond

They just bombed the new bond by creating a blonde bond(well that is just my opinion). Which bond don't give a damn about his martini being shaken and not stirred! I think my gf will consider this type of show a himbo show. Action packed and all, it feels more like a rambo/commando cross with a bit of MI/borne identity.

I don't recall any bond doing the cat walk parading flesh and showing off good physique. I thought that was the for the bond girls. The scene when blonde bond comes out of the water to the beach reminds me of Halle Berry coming out of the water in 'Die Another Day'.

They substituted cool gadgetry with a malfunctioning defibrillator!(damn did M15 even check their equipments before issuing them) Come to think of it why did they even equip the car with a defibrillator???? In case bond's crazy driving lands him in a car accident???? And who the hell would administer the defibrillator hidden in a compartment????? No haven't seen a car with a defibrillator!!!!!

Seems like the cool brunette? bond that could do no wrong is not marketable anymore. They need to follow the trend and add a touch of human fraity and a dash of realism into the new hero.

The show was good action and enjoyable . The only problem is current trends has killed the old bond. It almost turned into a blonde joke.


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